We believe that communicating is understanding complexity, and let intuition find the most powerful solution.
We believe that logic is a necessary step, but creativity is the real added value of each communication project.

A leading pan-European company specialising in value communication on a worldwide scenario

Working for 200 clients including most of the EU DGs, European agencies and International NGOs, we “design” complex communication processes to bring institutions closer to citizens, empowering their common values and boosting their mutual trust

Innovation and research arise creativity at the highest level

With 25 guru-consultants and our Communicative Intelligence Accelerator, we constantly explore innovative trends, inspired by groundbreaking experiences in art, science and society

57 customized tools developed in-house

We boast a unique bouquet of patented efficiency-tools, combining data mining and social sciences with neurocognitive and semiotics expertise

A future-oriented vision with a human-to-human approach

We lead an ultra-European professional network in 67 countries and an intercultural team, enriched by the boosting force of the Blumm Academy, our internal training center.

A coherent expression of the best Italian style

We follow the footsteps of a unique history of excellence and creativity deeply investigating in the social, artistic and cultural heritage of a millennial Euro-Mediterranean community