Andy Warhol, “Black Rhino” (1983), Pomilio Blumm private collection

Pan-European leader in social communication

More than 200 clients, an intercultural team and a professional network in 67 countries

A leading expertise in public communication. A unique vision, tailored on PA’s needs. The focus on ethics and transparency as key corporate values. A young and dynamic team of 80 professionals, working at the agency’s premises all over Europe and a network of excellent scientific experts.
All this makes of Pomilio Blumm one of the main players within the European scene of integrated communication. A company that embraces the Italian vocation to social and cultural dialogue. Through a local and global dimension, through past and future, Pomilio Blumm is at the centre of a world that is the centre of the world.

Beyond advertising: Pomilio Blumm’s formula

Clients in 43 countries, a network of 67 international partners, 12 operating units and an innovative vision of public communication: Pomilio Blumm’s present and future in a nutshell.