Data protection and cookie policy

This document provides information on how Pomilio Blumm processes personal data sent by those who access this site or use the forms to send messages and requests for information.

1 - Data Controller

The Data Controller is Pomilio Blumm S.r.l., its registered office is 65121 Pescara, in via Venezia, 4.

2 - Categories of personal data, purposes and legal basis of the processing

2.1 - Site consultation

The person accessing this site can use its contents without identifying himself. The Data Controller does not use systems that allow you to track the device used for the connection, nor does it have any way of associating it with a physical identity.

The site uses Matomo technology to generate access and technical statistics. Matomo does not collect personal data and does not export data outside the European Union.

2.2 - Sending messages via forms and emails

Personal data sent via the form available on and via emails are processed exclusively to follow up on the interested party's requests and kept for the exercise of the right of defence in case of litigation.

2.3 - Sending CVs

The data in the CVs sent via the form available on are processed exclusively to evaluate the possibility of a subsequent contact for further information on the possibility of establishing a working relationship, as well as for the exercise of the right of defence in case of litigation.

3 - Processing methods and security measures

The personal data sent by users to the Data Controller through the forms and addresses of this site are processed in a hybrid mode (electronic and manual). They are protected at least through perimeter (firewall and antivirus), local (antivirus), and organizational (assignment) security measures of differentiated access profiles and identification of systems administrators).

4 - Duration of storage and location

The Data Controller retains the personal data it receives through this site for the maximum duration the law provides on the active and passive prescription of civil and criminal offences.

After the deadline, personal data will be destroyed.

Personal data are stored within the EU.

5 - Purposes of communication and sharing

The personal data sent to the Data Controller are not shared. They may be communicated exclusively to public authorities requesting them in compliance with the law, professionals and consultants, always for the sole purpose of answering the requests of the interested parties and/or the exercise of the right of defence of the owner.

6 - Exercise of rights granted by the GDPR

The rights granted by the law, and in particular, those indicated in articles 13 to 22 of the GDPR, can be exercised by sending a request to these contact points: PEC: [email protected] - Registered letter: Pomilio Blumm - GDPR, via Venezia 12, 65121 Pescara.

The request must also contain a copy of the applicant's identity document and, in case of exercising the rights through a proxy, the proxy and a copy of the identity document of the proxy holder. Unless otherwise indicated, the reply will be sent to the address stated by the interested party.

The Data Controller will respond within the terms established by law.

The interested party always has the right to file a legal action in the competent judicial authority or the Italian Data Protection Authority (

7 - Use of cookies

7.1 - Site related features

This site does not use tracking or profiling cookies of natural persons.

Specifically, the cookies used on the domain are:

  • _pk_id.1.168a - attribution of anonymous ID,
  • _pk_ses.1.168a - temporary storage of session data,
  • cc_cookie – storage of cookie preferences.

7.2 - Third-party cookies

This site conveys cookies managed independently by Linkedin and subject to its data protection policy (

Unlike Pomilio Blumm, Linkedin could associate data that for Pomilio Blumm are anonymous to other information already in possession of Linkedin itself. As a result, it may be possible to identify the user associated with a Linkedin account. Pomilio Blumm has no control over these treatments.

7.3 - Updated list of cookies

The updated list of active cookies on this site can be obtained using tools such as Cookiemetrix ( or similar.

7.4 - Inerting cookies

The user can, in any case, activate the personal data protection functions of his browser and/or make use of anonymized connections or other tools that mask his systems without being limited in using this site.

7.5 - Accessibility preferences

Accessibility preferences are stored on your computer in a cookie that does not identify or make you identifiable. You can delete them at any time using the command provided by your browser. You can also choose not to enable these features, but the site will still display in its standard version.