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Balkans 2020: Europe’s next greater front...

Pomilio Blumm’s commitment is active in the Balkans. While managing various initiatives for the European Delegations in Kosovo and Montenegro,

Europe 2025: what if superbugs win?

Fighting antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest challenges of our future. The ECA - European Court of Auditors, analysed

Can a pair of shoes’ project walk from Li...

The “Open your mind” campaign, launched by the European Commission through its agency EASME, continues to successfully raise awareness among

Energy innovations immersive Taiko celebration

Aix-en-Provence hosts Nika Taiko's performers for a great event by the promoters of “ITER - The way to new energy”.

Open data hub for EU in Africa

Brussels implements its online system with the new website designed by Pomilio Blumm for the European Commission: fully integrated into

Tax transparency data animation

Smooth yet well-defined shapes to convey data in a clear and engaging way. Fluid transitions to translate logical connections into

The Ideas Union: EU narrative new book

A journey into the challenges of European institutional communication: it is the new book by Pomilio Blumm, with stories of

Europe meets Africa: the MAISHA music strategy

European and African artists gathered together in a unique big event to create new music, expressing the dialogue between two

EU fact-checking: financial data-telling stories

Intuitive images, kinetic typography to amplify the power of the message, fluid animations to guarantee the best user experience on

Open your mind: cross-mediality for young Europ...

"Open your mind" is the new international campaign addressed to young people in six European countries, aimed to attract new

#Statisticall: gamification on data discovery

Over 3,500 game sessions with interactive elements and 3D animations, leading to a great participation of people, especially the younger

EU gender equality video-stories

An impactful visual storytelling to raise awareness on gender inequalities and EU progress in the field: it’s the opening video of the

World Games: celebrating sports power

1000 performers and 30.000 spectators for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Universiade: a global event with competitions among top

Now, next: immersive Intellectual Property video

Simple powerful elements connected to each other according to a dynamic visual flow, defined to empower the overall message: it’s

Multisensory celebration of EU commitment for w...

An essential and powerful visual code, an innovative logistics' management, an event format able to enhance music as driver of

Visualising EU progress: human rights datatelling

A verbal-visual alphabet designed to communicate to European citizens the main issues of the latest FRA annual report: our Datatelling

Top summit management for Frontex cooperating w...

A smart system to manage summit communication, logistics and security: the event format, designed by Pomilio Blumm, has been customised

Irony boosting the welfare communication strategy

10 million users' reached in 2 weeks, thanks to an ironic video made in collaboration with the popular Italian youtubers

ECB Forum: inspirational design for the Euro tu...

Innovative visual storytelling solutions and a brand new graphic design concept for the 2019 edition of the EBC Forum on

Stories from the future: the next industrial vi...

An ideal journey to Italy in 2040: future visions and new perspectives as results of courageous choices made in the