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Tax transparency data animation

Smooth yet well-defined shapes to convey data in a clear and engaging way. Fluid transitions to translate logical connections into

The Ideas Union: EU narrative new book

A journey into the challenges of European institutional communication: it is the new book by Pomilio Blumm, with stories of

Europe meets Africa: the MAISHA music strategy

European and African artists gathered together in a unique big event to create new music, expressing the dialogue between two

EU fact-checking: financial data-telling stories

Intuitive images, kinetic typography to amplify the power of the message, fluid animations to guarantee the best user experience on

Data-Art: turning numbers into experiences

How can we turn numbers into stories? And how can we turn stories into numbers? The challenges of a contemporary

Open your mind: cross-mediality for young Europ...

"Open your mind" is the new international campaign addressed to young people in six European countries, aimed to attract new

#Statisticall: gamification on data discovery

Over 3,500 game sessions with interactive elements and 3D animations, leading to a great participation of people, especially the younger

EU gender equality video-stories

An impactful visual storytelling to raise awareness on gender inequalities and EU progress in the field: it’s the opening video of the

Architects of identities: Daniel Libeskind on m...

Architecture? It’s not just a tangible shape but it’s the story of a place, its past, its future. Daniel Libeskind,

World Games: celebrating sports power

1000 performers and 30.000 spectators for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Universiade: a global event with competitions among top

Revolutionary design: building intangibles by D...

Architecture as the art of memory, as a storytelling tool, as a ground for communities to meet each other: Daniel

Now, next: immersive Intellectual Property video

Simple powerful elements connected to each other according to a dynamic visual flow, defined to empower the overall message: it’s

Multisensory celebration of EU commitment for w...

An essential and powerful visual code, an innovative logistics' management, an event format able to enhance music as driver of

Visualising EU progress: human rights datatelling

A verbal-visual alphabet designed to communicate to European citizens the main issues of the latest FRA annual report: our Datatelling

Libeskind, Ground Zero architect: intangibles a...

Telling memories, shaping identities: Daniel Libeskind, world-renowned architect and author of the Ground Zero master plan in New York, will

Top summit management for Frontex cooperating w...

A smart system to manage summit communication, logistics and security: the event format, designed by Pomilio Blumm, has been customised

Irony boosting the welfare communication strategy

10 million users' reached in 2 weeks, thanks to an ironic video made in collaboration with the popular Italian youtubers

ECB Forum: inspirational design for the Euro tu...

Innovative visual storytelling solutions and a brand new graphic design concept for the 2019 edition of the EBC Forum on

Stories from the future: the next industrial vi...

An ideal journey to Italy in 2040: future visions and new perspectives as results of courageous choices made in the

The “Family-thon” model to celebrate Europe in ...

A multilevel gaming system, identifying teams and envisaging parallel workshops: that’s the innovative format through which citizens were involved in