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Libeskind, Ground Zero architect: intangibles a...

Telling memories, shaping identities: Daniel Libeskind, world-renowned architect and author of the Ground Zero master plan in New York, will

Top summit management for Frontex cooperating w...

A smart system to manage summit communication, logistics and security: the event format, designed by Pomilio Blumm, has been customised

Irony boosting the welfare communication strategy

10 million users' reached in 2 weeks, thanks to an ironic video made in collaboration with the popular Italian youtubers

ECB Forum: inspirational design for the Euro tu...

Innovative visual storytelling solutions and a brand new graphic design concept for the 2019 edition of the EBC Forum on

Stories from the future: the next industrial vi...

An ideal journey to Italy in 2040: future visions and new perspectives as results of courageous choices made in the

The “Family-thon” model to celebrate Europe in ...

A multilevel gaming system, identifying teams and envisaging parallel workshops: that’s the innovative format through which citizens were involved in

New visual thinking: data design according to A...

Graphic representation is a tool of critical thinking, and simplicity is the right balance between  synthesising  and  elaborating: Alberto Cairo,

Urban gamification to engage young Europeans

Off-line and online engagement strategies are combined together in the new EFSA campaign. The visuals inspired by a series of

Datastories for Africa: #EUTrustFund new graphi...

An accurate photographic selection guides an effective storyline, told through images and meant to enhance verbal contents, alternating with graphics

EU elections: inside the new campaign

Sense of belonging to a unique community, bottom-up participation, trust in the future: Stephen Clark, Director for the European Parliament

Rhinoscript design: challenging visions from st...

From the purity of design to the power of the symbol: the world-renowned architect Max Dudler and Stephen Clark, Director

Human to robots: the next now

From the challenges of Artificial Intelligence to its most visionary potentialities within the new inspiring approach of “human design”: at

Global communication: China meets Europe

In the evocative location of Villa Madama in Rome, the top-level meeting between the Italian Government and the Chinese President

Content design essentials, according to the New...

Crossroads of cultures, in open dialogue with the world. Contents that immediately transform into images: from the spirit of the

Social design forum in Brussels

The new logo of Pomilio Blumm, designed by the legendary author of the “I love NY” brand, was presented in

New York, Europe: the rhino-script story by Mil...

A journey into the world capital of design, through the cult places of a surprisingly European New York: a short-movie

Community building for the European nuclear cha...

An evocative location, a symbolic scenario of challenges and victories, for the team building event organized by Pomilio Blumm and

Communication Academy

A master class cycle with well-known influencers Luca La Mesa and Luca Sofri to enhance the impact of the ISTAT census campaign

Small data and H2H approach

Neuromarketing guru, Marin Lindstrom, reflects on the relationships between big data and small data and the advantages of an embedded

Ideas can engage 35 million viewers in the new ...

10 million users were involved, with over 30 million views and more than five million interactions, and with the participation of top influencers, whose contribution boosted the