Carpe Diem Method Pomilio Blumm

The CarpeDiem: a brand new method

From products to values. From marketing to engagement. From seduction to trust
Pomilio Blumm has developed a brand new communication theory, specifically conceived for public communication and supported by the expert insights of the main gurus in the field.
In a world dominated by consumer advertising, we design participatory systems to bring citizens and institutions closer together and reinforce their “emotional” relationship with mutual engagement and trust.
The “kiss theory” is the result of the study carried out by the Think Lab, Pomilio Blumm’s in-house think tank, through R&D and training activities, books, magazines and original projects, such as the international art TV contest Pomilio Blumm Prize.

The citizen-consumer and the future of communication

Franco Pomilio presents the new model of interaction between citizen and institutions, based on the “consumption of values”