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Mazen Jannoun, “1x1”, Pomilio Blumm Prize Future Frames 2014

Beyond cultural boundaries

Italian talent, European values, international vision
Founder of an professional network operating in 103 Office Worldwide and relying on multiple branch offices in highly strategic areas, Pomilio Blumm has built a strong international presence while always maintaining its essential Italian identity and its elective pan-European perspective.
From the first experience of Ameen Blumm, first Italian-Arab communications company and the following international project The Bridge in Dubai to the latest ultra-european experiences, we keep following the footsteps of the social, artistic and cultural heritage of a millennial Euro-Mediterranean community

Ultra European Network – Pomilio Blumm

Pomilio Blumm founded the UEN – the first European-based network – in 2005, based on the company’s ability to capture the Euro-Mediterranean centrality of the EU’s strategies.