David Rickard, “Open System”, Pomilio Blumm Prize Art in Progress 2013

A hub for research on social communication

Think Lab: our interdisciplinary think tank producing high-quality analysis, training and advanced tools
Much more than a communication agency. Pomilio Blumm is a laboratory of ideas and a training and research centre to design and implement new languages and cutting-edge products and tools.
Think Lab, Pomilio Blumm’s “creative theory” unit, is an interdisciplinary think tank tracking new trends and translating ideas into actual theories and methods, developed with the cooperation of influential international experts.

Microlistening: Harper Reed’s secret

The digital strategist, CTO of Obama’s reelection campaign, explains his idea of communication to Pomilio Blumm

Liquid communication: Zygmunt Bauman’s vision

Contributing to Franco Pomilio’s book “Comunicazione 3.0”, the great philosopher reflects on the social revolutions in the digital world