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Pomilio Blumm’s gurus: the exceptional contributors and advisors of our projects 
The rules of crisis management and the secrets of crowdsourcing, the power of storytelling and the transformations of digital culture: Pomilio Blumm actively dialogues with the most influential advisors of the field.
The exceptional contributors of our publications and the protagonists of our exclusive events support the Think Lab in searching “special formulas” for an effective, involving and transparent communication.

From small data to human-to-human

Neuromarketing guru, Marin Lindstrom, reflects on the relationships between big data and small data. The pioneering insights and visions of the author of “Small Data” for the Pomilio Blumm communication strategies.


Partner Gurus

More than advisors: they are actual partners. Over these years, many intellectuals and wishful thinkers have been feeding our activity with their ideas. With some of them we started a closer and more fruitful partnership, resulted in projects dedicated to art, ethics and society.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Basketball champion

Talent empowerment

One of the most legendary American athletes of all time, he has received many awards for his outstanding NBA career. After his retirement he became a best-seller writer, a cultural critic and a regular contributor and columnist for the most important American media such as The New York Times, as well as a point of reference for intercultural dialogue themes.

Kristina Persson

Minister of the Future

Policy innovation

Swedish politician, she served as Minister for Strategic Development and as Minister for Nordic Cooperation for Swedish Government from 2014 to 2016, at the frontline for creating the Baltic sea macro-region. She founded the independent think tank Global Challenge.

Dave Bossert

Creative director Disney

Visual storytelling

Writer, author and filmmaker, Bossert was creative director at Walt Disney Animation Studios for more than 30 years, contributing to the realization of masterpieces such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He is associated producer of the short film Destino, by Walt Disney and Salvador Dalì.

Milton Glaser

“I love NY” logo creator

Visual design

American visual designer and illustrator, creator of the famous “I love NY” logo, as well as of the DC Bullet logo and of the iconic poster of Bob Dylan from the 60’s. Glaser works are exhibited in the most prestigious museums, starting from the New York City MoMA to the Victoria and Albert Museum of London. In 2019 he has redesigned the Pomilio Blumm logo.

Michael Dobbs

“House of Cards” creator

Heritage communication

Bestselling author and former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, he is now a member of the House of Lords. The “London Times” called him “an heir of the narrative tradition of Shakespeare” for his ability to describe the intimate side of power.

Philip Kotler

Marketing guru

Marketing 3.0

Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, he is considered the “founder” of modern marketing. Pomilio Blumm has discussed with him about institutions, citizens and European communication during the first Philip Kotler Marketing Forum in Milan.

Zygmunt Bauman

The prophet of the “liquid society”

Social models and theories

One of the most influential contemporary sociologists, he is an attentive observer of postmodernism and globalization. With his sharp remarks on the current media landscape he supported and strengthened our ability to understand the present.

Jung Chang

The most famous Chinese writer

Intercultural languages

Bestselling writer, she is author of the novel “Wild swans”, currently the world’s most read book about China, and  of the monumental biography “Mao. The Unknown Story”. For Pomilio Blumm she animated an intense debate on the power of storytelling as a civil art.

Spike Lee

The greatest Afro-American director

Video storytelling

Award-winning director, actor, producer and author, he revolutionized the role of Black talent in cinema. Talking about his movies, he showed us the the essential ingredients for effective narration of social realities, from the US society to the “European nation”

Biz Stone

Creative director of Twitter

Social Media

“One of the most influential people in the world” (Time Magazine). With his formula of 140 characters, he has revolutionized the social networks. His innovative vision is a privileged source to develop strategic actions on the web.

Harper Reed

CTO of “Obama for America”

Web strategies

The most influencer web strategist in the global scene, he has introduced an innovative method for elaborating and analysing the Open Data, which has made history in the field. His original vision has strongly inspired our social engagement strategies.

Michael Fertik

CEO of

Web reputation

The world’s leading expert on online reputation, he is member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Internet Security. His slogan “reputation is bigger than the brand” is a guideline for our web reputation strategies.

Ginger Lew

White House economic advisor

Financial ethics

Former President of NASDAQ and Senior Advisor to the Economic Council at the White House, appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Currently she is CEO of Three Oaks Investments LLC, one of the main finance consulting companies in the USA.

Geoff Mulgan

CEO of NESTA association

Social innovation

Among the most influential European policy makers and former advisor to Tony Blair, he presented us some emerging issues about sharing economy, inspiring new forms of collaborative interaction between Institutions and citizens.

Ben Hammersley

Podcast inventor

Digital transformation

Journalist and futurologist, is one of the most influential experts about the social effects of the internet. His original theory about the relations between citizens and institutions is a reference for our social media and community actions.


Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Kennedy’s family member

Ethics and politics

Eldest child of Robert Kennedy and JFK’s niece, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, she is actively engaged in the defense of civil rights. Her personal and family story is an example of perseverance, trust and passion for democracy.

Alastair Campbell

Crisis communication guru

Crisis management

“The most authoritative expert for communication of the British government over the last decades” (The Times), he was the advisor of the media relations of Tony Blair. His “ten golden rules” helped us lay the groundwork for our crisis communication strategy

Jimmy Nelson

World famous photographer

Visual communication

Internationally renowned photographer, author of the acclaimed project “Before They Pass Away”, dedicated to 35 indigenous surviving tribes around the world. Through his pictures and stories he showed us how to understand and communicate with the most different and distant social realities.

Andre Singer

President of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Cultural memory

Anthropologist and filmmaker, he directed “Night Will Fall” and produced the award-winning documentaries “The act of Killing” and “The Look of Silence “. He passionately discussed with Pomilio Blumm about the intimate relation between memory and sense of community.

Mons. Paul Tighe

Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Communication and religion

Theologian and jurist, he held several offices in the field of religious communication and even managed the creation of the Pope’s Twitter account profile. He discussed with Pomilio Blumm on the complex issue of Institutional transparency.