A new avant-garde for communication

Art as the ideal field to search for new languages and expressive codes
Thanks to the synergy between Blumm Academy’s training activities and the search for international talents selected through the Pomilio Blumm Prize, Pomilio Blumm is able to explore before others the most innovative solutions for a communication capable to balance both function and form, beauty and effectiveness, aesthetic and informative value.
Objective of the Art Lab is to explore new languages and find innovative expressive solutions combining form and function, effectiveness and beauty, in line with the best tradition of the Italian and European creativity.

Pomilio Blumm Prize: a brand new format with SkyArteHD

Pomilio Blumm Prize is a TV contest entirely dedicated to art, which was realized by Pomilio Blumm in collaboration with SkyArteHD: six international artists are invited to explore the new frontiers of art inspired by the inner values of public communication.