57 registered tools developed in-house

A unique bouquet of patented products and processes
Managing complex communication processes in the most effective way needs simple and powerful tools, capable to balance high reliability and customization, methodological consistency and operational flexibility.
That’s why we designed and registered up to 57 exclusive methods and systems, developed by our internal Think Lab combining data mining and social sciences with neurocognitive and semiotics expertise with the most brilliant experts’ insights.
From Datatelling to Semantic Design, from Datapolling to Blumm Tailor System, our registered tools provide a great added value to each project, enhancing its overall effectiveness and efficiency while adapting to the variable needs and challenges to be tackled.


Intangible assets: Baruch Lev’s insights on the value of ideas

Finance guru and NYU Professor Baruch Lev explains the challenges of the economy of intangibles and the importance of research and development during Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum 2018