"My home, my prison", Laetitia Vancon, Pomilio Blumm Prize Future Frames 2014

Corporate ethics policy

Ethical certifications and legality rating to proof the quality of our professional approach
In 2011 Pomilio Blumm was the first Italian company in the field of communication to obtain the ethical certification, in addition to the previous environmental and quality certifications.
In 2016, the agency also obtains the certification for sustainable management of events (ISO 20121:2012) at national and international level. Since 2014, Pomilio Blumm has been among the first Italian companies to have obtained the legality rating by the Italian Competition and Market Authority.

The fundamentals of economic ethics according to Ginger Lew

Ginger Lew, former Nasdaq President and Oscar Pomilio Blumm speaker, explains the main values for a transparent and responsible enterprise