A Social Design Story

Pomilio Blumm's documentary on Salgado's "photo-humanism" premiered in Cannes

Our documentary "Humanscapes: Documenting Society with Salgado and others" premiered in Cannes on the 25th of May 2023, during the prestigious Film Festival, as part of the presentation of the "Social World Film Festival", the international exhibition of Social Cinema.

Guided by the remarkable photographer Sebastião Salgado, Pomilio Blumm's exclusive video storytelling investigates the communicative potential of what can be referred to as "photo-humanism".

The documentary showcases original and previously unreleased images by some of the greatest photographers of our time, including Jimmy Nelson and Gianni Berengo Gardin, among others.
This collaborative work has been recognised with the Golden Spike Award from the jury of the Social World Film Festival, solidifying its profound significance and impact.

What makes photography the most powerful anthropological tool?

"I made a few histories in photography, not many, but the histories I made with photography were my histories". From his pivotal work on migrations to the latest exhibition dedicated to Amazonia, Sebastião Salgado has always considered his art a profound and insightful means to capture the true essence of society and its underlying currents. This perspective has made his approach and every project he has undertaken in the last thirty years highly significant from a sociological and anthropological standpoint.

Taking inspiration from Salgado's visionary approach, Pomilio Blumm has launched this captivating documentary to delve into the central role of photography as a powerful tool for understanding society.

The full episode of "Humanscapes: Documenting Society with Salgado and others" is now available on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

Unveiling visionaries: A Social Design Story

Produced by Pomilio Blumm, "A Social Design Story" is a captivating series that explores the artistic and professional visions of renowned photographers, musicians, creatives, and visionaries. Each episode focuses on a distinct art form, seamlessly intertwining the perspectives of the protagonists. Providing valuable insights into the narrative is Franco Pomilio, President of Pomilio Blumm, whose commentary adds depth to the exploration.

The first short movie was dedicated to the creative legacy of legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser and his manifold genius. Shot in Europe and New York, "A Social Design Story" celebrates the richness of Glaser's work and the idea of communication as a "social design" tool capable of producing virtuous effects within the lives of citizens.

The full episode is currently available on Amazon Prime Video USA and UK.

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