Inside marketing – Focus PKMF 2015

Franco Pomilio con Philip Kotler a Milano 

Dalla comunicazione di prodotto alla comunicazione di valori: a margine del Philip Kotler Marketing Forum Italy del 15 maggio 2015 a Milano, Franco Pomilio riflette sul diverso ruolo, forma e funzione del marketing nella comunicazione istituzionale.

CNN – Focus Blumm Prize 2013

Franco Pomilio on the world’s leading all-news TV channel

Ethics, communication and transparency according to Franco Pomilio, interviewed by CNN on the occasion of Oscar Pomilio Forum 2013.

NTD TV – Speciale Blumm Prize 2013

Blumm Prize art award on the main Chinese satellite Tv

Focus on the international art award Blumm Prize, including interviews with the bestselling writer Jung Chang and Franco Pomilio, aired on NTD, an independent Chinese TV channel headquartered in New York and committed to spreading free and uncensored information to the Chinese audience all over the world.