Kinetic typography and data visualization to discover the trends of gender equality in Europe

The European Institute for Gender Equality’s (EIGE) Gender Equality Index was presented on October 11 th . The most significant data and breakthroughs among European Member States in the launching video realized by Pomilio Blumm.

The Guardian - UK gender inequality as bad as 10 years ago, EU league table shows

Britain has made zero progress in tackling inequality between the sexes in the past decade and lags behind Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and France in the EU’s latest gender equality league table.

EU Observer - Gender equality best in Sweden, worst in Greece

A report out on Wednesday (11 October) from the European Institute for Gender Equality, an EU agency in Lithuania, noted an overall "snail's pace" in progress towards gender equality in the EU when comparing 2015 to 2005.

New Europe - EU Gender Equality index shows very slow progress in 2017

The European Institute of Gender Equality (EIGE), along with the European Council and the European Commission presented on Wednesday the updated Gender Equality Index for 2017, showing only modest progress.