Pomilio Blumm America Corporation

Nice to meet U.S.

Pomilio Blumm America Corporation, the new U.S. subsidiary of Pomilio Blumm, was created to capitalize on a long and established experience as a leading pan-European public communications company, which was ranked first by the Financial Times in its list of 'fast-growing companies 2021'.

The unique understanding of institutions-to-citizens dynamics and the international vocation, which have always been inscribed in the company's DNA, make Pomilio Blumm America Corporation ready to face new challenges and meet new partners in an ever-evolving interconnected world.

With U.S.

Europe and the United States of America: two histories, two visions, two inextricably linked cultural approaches find an ideal synthesis in the mission of Pomilio Blumm America Corporation.

With its peculiarities, the European Union is indeed a unique laboratory for developing new citizen-engagement strategies and advancing key policies such as encouraging inclusion, promoting sustainability and fighting misinformation.

Our challenge is to bring the experience gained in the European context to the land of long democratic tradition, in order to design effective solutions for a renewed institutions-to-citizens narrative.

Why U.S.

For us, being a communications company means that we are architects of ideas and designers of narratives. Our goal is to shape effective communication systems starting from the intangible values that drive international policy-making processes, facilitating the creation of positive synergies between institutions, citizens and stakeholders.

To do so, we rely on a unique intelligence-based approach and on the advice of high-profile consultants in all areas of communication. We also pay particular attention to the inspirational value of art which for us represents the best kept secret laboratory for the identification of new solutions and languages.

Inside U.S.

With over 200 clients from across Europe and beyond, our portfolio encompasses the entire range of international institutions and public bodies. We boast an international and multicultural team with a strong multitasking attitude and unique expertise in public tenders and reporting.

From strategic consultancy to web design, campaign development, digital PR and top events management, we deal with the full range of institutional communication services, offering tailor-made solutions and leveraging on our exclusive kit of 73 in-house developed tools.

Around U.S.

In a world where every place is a mirror of global dynamics, the diversity of approaches and cultures becomes a primary asset and an added value. Interculturalism and internationalization have always been at the heart of Pomilio Blumm's ethics.

Whenever "going global" is needed, Pomilio Blumm America Corporation can rely on the multicultural assets of the UEN Ultra-European Network EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping), an international community that comprises 93 specialised communication partners and 7200 professionals from around the world, as well as on multiple international offices in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Africa, from Rome to Brussels, Sarajevo, Beirut, Suva-Fiji, Addis Ababa and Dubai.

Join U.S.

Pomilio Blumm America Corporation is taking a giant leap towards the creation of a global public communications company. Are you willing to take it with us?