Decoding citizenship through intellectual engagement. The Arts are our avant-garde lab

Through our 40 guru-consultants, alongside both our Intelligence Accelerator and Academy, we constantly explore emerging trends towards developing new methods and tools.

An elite selection of high-profile advisors that include some of the most visionary minds of our time, a multidisciplinary research programme aimed at designing innovative products and solutions, and an international training centre that provides advanced classes for our clients and staff.

These are the principles that permeate our unique intelligence-based approach to communication, powered by groundbreaking experiences in the arts, sciences, and society – all of which ultimately led to the development of the 'Kiss Theory', our own communication method.

A powerful metaphor for genuine human-to-human contact, the theory focuses on emotional engagement as the very basis for any trust-based relationship between citizens and institutions, which, in light of the times we live in, is both crucial and unavoidable, given the need for social distancing and the increased normalcy of virtual interactions.

Our Prophets

Our 'dream team' of brilliant minds in the implementation of new strategies

Through the support of some of the most talented and authoritative experts worldwide, we have successfully developed a number of 'special formulas' for effective communication.


Citizen science. A future-oriented vision with a human-to-human approach

The fields of neuroscience, semiotics, the social sciences, and artificial intelligence blend into a unique value-focused research programme aimed at reinforcing collective awareness.


Empowering experienced professionals with highly specialized skills

Blumm Academy is an advanced recruitment hub and a training centre offering Masters courses and executive classes to our multicultural staff and clients.