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Pomilio Blumm partners with Maastricht University for an exclusive Summer School

Titled "Human, social and artificial: 3 intelligences to master communication for institutions", this 5-day course is crafted to shape a compelling public communication strategy at the EU level

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Financial Times

Pomilio Blumm ranks 1st in "Advertising and Marketing" among Europe's Fastest Growing Companies

The remarkable recognition from the Financial Times is enhanced by Pomilio Blumm's status as the longest-standing company among those listed in the ranking

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Join a unique approach towards 'institutions-to-citizen' communication

Pomilio Blumm is a leading pan-European company that specialises in international public communication initiatives

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Talking with citizens, empowering institutions

We provide proactive and competent consultancy services that focus specifically on institution-to-citizen needs through the use of an integrated multi-communicative process

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Decoding citizenship through intellectual engagement. The Arts are our avant-garde lab

Through our 40 guru-consultants, alongside both our Intelligence Accelerator and Academy, we constantly explore emerging trends towards developing new methods and tools

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Enhancing every communication project with solid ethical vocation

In line with our passion for social commitment, our work and vision are built on strong deontological principles that have been ratified by outstanding certifications and multiple CSR initiatives

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Think glocal. We are proudly European, yet globally connected

Through our world-class network and 10 internationally-located branch offices, we serve Europe's communication goals, while addressing the values of global citizens

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Beyond communication: a full view onto our world

Books, magazines, events, summits, and art awards: we implement a unique suite of special projects merging culture and creativity that feeds our skills and expertise

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