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According to Financial Times, Sole 24 Ore and ICCO, Pomilio Blumm is one of the worldwide fastest growing companies in the communication and PR institutional market

The performance records have lead the company to sort out a cohesive system of disciplinary units in the form of wholly-owned subsidiaries directly possessed by Pomilio Blumm at 100% , that holds in turn 100% of Blumm Knowhow, the strongbox of all system and process innovations.

The "group" under Blumm Knowhow deals with both supply chain areas, such as travel and logistics, audio-video technology, exhibition design, and those areas where research and innovation are more driven, such as Decoding, that focuses on disinformation analysis, and Blumm Academy, that pays strong attention to high training processes and joint projects, such as the one with Maastricht University.

Each of the new companies benefits from over 100 innovative tools and innovative experiences by legendary gurus and creators to enhance their own business systems.

Furthermore, the company has direct operational offices in many countries, the UEN Network founded and chaired by Pomilio Blumm, currently ranked as the sixth-largest network in the world by the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), and the two wholly-owned 100% subsidiaries that Pomilio Blumm has in the United States and the Iberian Peninsula are very active: the first one for the North America continent, and the other one for the greater Mediterranean and Latin America area.

WashingtonPomilio Blumm America
AlicantePomilio Blumm Hispanica
Pomilio Blumm Mittel
Pomilio Blumm Switzerland
Pomilio Blumm Aegean
Bologna, Pescara, Rome, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, plus 119 partners worldwide.
Pomilio Blumm Knowhow
educationPomilio Blumm AcademyPomilio Blumm AcademyInnovative, experienced based education.
disinformationPomilio Blumm DecodingDecodingDisinformation finder and new narrative strategies.
logisticsPomilio Blumm TravelPomilio Blumm Business TravelLogistics and travel services for institution.
technichalPomilio Blumm TexPomilio Blumm TexOrchestrating multimedia exhibition and conferencing equipments.

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