Join a unique approach towards 'institution-to-citizen' communication

Pomilio Blumm is a leading pan-European company that specialises in international public communication initiatives.

With its longstanding expertise in supporting more than 200 institutional partners worldwide, Pomilio Blumm's unique multidisciplinary approach draws from the fields of neuroscience, semiotics, and data sciences. An extensive independent network connected to 103 offices across Europe and beyond, the company boasts a team of over 7300 professionals, with experts from 39 countries speaking multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arab, Russian, and Chinese.

Our unique abilities, dynamic workforce, and optimal skill set make Pomilio Blumm a primary player in the realm of integrated communication – both at the European as well as global levels. Pomilio Blumm was ranked by international platform Assortis as one of the EU's five most-contracted companies. In addition to the first-place rating it was given for its (Artificial Intelligence for Public Procurement) platform, Pomilio Blumm is also a leader within the institutional communication community – as ranked by the Financial Times in its list of 'fast-growing companies 2021', with the same publication listing the company as being Europe's fourth-largest with regard to the broader advertising sector.


Native Italian talent boosted by a millennia-long culture

In renewing the illustrious and creative traditions of humanism, we follow in the footsteps of our unique Euro-Mediterranean culture and its extraordinary heritage.


Acting as 'cultural instigators' by transforming professional experiences into a wide societal challenge

We design participatory communication systems to improve the relationship between civil society and institutions – both within and beyond Europe's borders.


Engaging citizens through values: the essence of our work

In a world dominated by advertising, we focus on the complex intangible values being disseminated by institutions, and the very tangibles effects of the same on citizens' lives.


The 'Rhino Script': a brand new design by celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser

Public communication meets social design. In 2019, Milton Glaser, the legendary creator of the 'I NY' logo, revamped Pomilio Blumm's identity.


Nourishing a centennial legacy of creativity and resourcefulness

From aircraft factories to factories of ideas: buoyed by a century of great entrepreneurial challenges, we are among Europe's most long-lived communication players.