Beyond communication: a full view onto our world

Books, magazines, events, summits, and art awards: we implement a unique suite of special projects merging culture and creativity that feeds our skills and expertise.

Good communication finds inspiration everywhere: people, behaviours, images, and thoughts. This is the reason as to why we have undertaken a parallel track of activities consisting of 'special projects' that explore the many different facets of contemporary society and culture, so we may continue to nurture our work with valuable inspirations and insights.

International events and debates, artistic experimentation, and a full range of innovative editorial activities are the core of the company's cultural commitment, which recently led to the establishment of the Pomilio Blumm Foundation in Brussels.


The International Communication Summit – where vision meets innovation

An international event held in both Rome and Brussels, ICS Pomilio Blumm is the perfect location in which to discuss contemporary trends in communication with leading global gurus in the field.


The Oscar Pomilio Blumm Forum – Tracking the fundamentals of ethics

Every year, in the charming setting of the Factory, experts from different sectors trace the moral roots of communication as connective tissues to human development.


The Pomilio Blumm Prize – Harnessing the disruptive energy of art

An international prize and innovative TV contest dedicated to emerging artists who explore the valuable connection between the arts and communication.


Slow thinking: the novel 'Rinascimento'

An original project that focuses on institution-citizen relationships by drawing from the heritage of ancient Rome, and its 'slow thinking' attitude.


Visionary stories to build 'citizen-oriented' literature

Explore Pomilio Blumm's editorial heart: original books, magazines, and audio-visual productions aimed at disseminating the social value of communication culture.