Talking with citizens, empowering institutions

We provide proactive and competent consultancy services that focus specifically on institution-to-citizen needs through the use of an integrated multi-communicative process.

A unique range of expertise and best practices have been developed from our 60 years of experience working with institutions – ranging from strategic consultancy to web design, campaign development to top-events management, as well as digital public relations and community media.

As institutions shift to a new form of 'participative narrative', there is no longer the need for 'blind' vertical specialists; instead, a transversal multilevel system is in order, one that brings together all these competencies into a unique integrated vision.

Across our projects and solutions, humanistic sensibility is combined with a strong attitude for analysis and research, bringing forth innovative human-to-human empowerment tools such as 'Palladium' our virtual event simulator, and our multi-purpose HUE suite.


We support over 200 clients from across Europe and beyond

Our client portfolio encompasses the institutional landscape in its entirety to include major EU bodies, as well as intergovernmental authorities and transnational organisations of all kinds.


From human design to datatelling: our most challenging projects

Corporate branding, international events, media strategy, and graphic design: we deal with the full range of institutional communication services using tailor-made solutions and tools.


Our tangible and intangible assets: 73 fully customisable tools developed in-house

We boast a unique bouquet of patented efficiency-tools, combining data mining and the social sciences with neurocognitive and semiotic expertise.