Our Prophets

Our 'dream team' of brilliant minds in the implementation of new strategies

Through the support of some of the most talented and authoritative experts worldwide, we have successfully developed a number of 'special formulas' for effective communication.

Pomilio Blumm boasts long-standing communication and collaboration with a 'dream team' of more than 40 influential experts within highly innovative sectors.

For each project, we engage the most inspiring and brilliant minds to contribute as instrumental advisors in supporting the design of the best solutions and strategies towards engaging and transparent communication.

Through their support, we are able to deliver state-of-the-art know-how and visionary perspectives in a wide range of expert fields, including the secrets of neuromarketing and the rules of crisis management; the power of visual storytelling and the challenges of digital transformation; as well as subject matters within the fields of digital ethics, social robotics, the intangible economy, and space exploration.

Social design

Milton Glaser: the legendary creator of the 'I NY' logo

One of the greatest visual designers of all time, Glaser was the creator of New York City's infamous brand logo, as well as the originator of the DC Bullet logo, and the iconic poster of Bob Dylan. He redesigned Pomilio Blumm's new logo in 2019.

Space communication design

Daniel Libeskind: author of New York's Ground Zero master plan

World-famous architect and author of one of the most emblematic reconstruction efforts of the last decade, Libeskind contributed to Pomilio Blumm's research on architectural space as a system of communication.

Social robotics

Heather Knight: robotic charisma and computer science expert

Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University, Knight's studies focus on entertainment-related principles that can be applied to the development of charismatic 'social' robots; her work nourishes Pomilio Blumm's Citizen Brain Spectrum research programme.

Citizen empowerment

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: basketball champion and intercultural influencer

One of the most legendary American athletes of all time; following his retirement, Abdul Jabbar became a best-selling writer and columnist for a number of important American media outlets, as well as a point of reference in themes centring on intercultural dialogue.

Policy innovation

Kristina Persson: minister of the future and cooperation expert

Swedish politician and founder of the independent think tank Global Challenge, Persson served as the Minister for Strategic Development, and as Minister for Nordic Cooperation to the Swedish government from 2014 to 2016.

Universal storytelling

Spike Lee: the greatest Afro-American director and video storyteller

Award-winning director, actor, producer, and author, Lee has broadly revolutionised the role of Black talent in cinema. Through the exemplary references forwarded in his movies, he revealed to us fundamental rules in the effective narration of social realities – from the American setting, to the 'European nation'.

Marketing 3.0

Philip Kotler: marketing guru

Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Kotler is widely considered the 'founder' of modern marketing. Together, Kotler and Franco Pomilio discussed institutions, citizens, and European communication during the first PKMF in Milan.

Ethical storytelling

Jung Chang: the most famous Chinese writer

A bestselling writer, Chang is the author of both Wild Swans, the most-widely read book on China; and the monumental biography Mao: The Unknown Story. She contributed to Pomilio Blumm's vision on the power of storytelling as a form of civil art.

Social theories

Zygmunt Bauman: the prophet of the 'liquid society'

One of the greatest sociologists of our time, Bauman was an attentive observer of postmodernism and globalisation. Through his sharp observations of the contemporary media landscape, he both supported and strengthened our ability to understand the times we live in.

Social media management

Biz Stone: co-founder of Twitter and digital culture expert

Listed among Time magazine's “100 most influential people in the world", Stone, through his 140-character formula, revolutionised the nature and structure of social networks. His innovative vision has been a privileged source in the development of our web-based strategic action plans.


Harper Reed: creator of crowdsourcing and CTO of 'Obama for America'

A leading web strategist on the global stage and the inventor of crowdsourcing, Reed introduced an innovative method for processing Open Data. Thanks to his work, we have successfully implemented our exclusive 'crowdtrusting' method.