Nourishing a centennial legacy of creativity and resourcefulness

From aircraft factories to factories of ideas: buoyed by a century of great entrepreneurial challenges, we are among Europe's most long-lived communication players.

Bearer of a model of creative enterprise that transcends sectors and eras, the creative legacy of the Pomilio family dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and continues up to the present day – traversing diverse fields including aviation, the chemical and food industries, and even the Olympics.

With a cosmopolitan vocation that began in Italy and which touched the United States, South America, and today the Euro-Mediterranean region, the family's entrepreneurial history notably foresaw Pomilio Blumm's present international presence.

Likewise, the family's cultural and aesthetic sensibilities were the premise for Pomilio Blumm's future commitment to the arts and creativity, which still survives today in the shape of the Pomilio Blumm Prize project, and in our innovative approach to art as a 'secret lab' through which new languages may be explored.

Company history

Family history