Event and Exhibition Design

The European Central Bank (ECB)

ECB Forum on Central Banking: management of the annual event, and the development of its visual identity and that of its exhibition design. The forum was implemented in the form of a 'virtual and physical' event using our novel 'phygital' approach.


We support over 200 clients from across Europe and beyond

Our client portfolio encompasses the institutional landscape in its entirety to include major EU bodies, as well as intergovernmental authorities and transnational organisations of all kinds.


From human design to datatelling: our most challenging projects

Corporate branding, international events, media strategy, and graphic design: we deal with the full range of institutional communication services using tailor-made solutions and tools.


Our tangible and intangible assets: 73 fully customisable tools developed in-house

We boast a unique bouquet of patented efficiency-tools, combining data mining and the social sciences with neurocognitive and semiotic expertise.